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  • Mood: Scared
So, guys. This fella really needs more attention to his commisions post.
If you are interested in anthropomorphic alien creatures, go, commission, plz.
Artist has clear art style and good sense of anatomy.…
Just give him a try and look art tag.
Or at least 
spread or tell someone, who likes style like this.
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I'll just leave these guys here.

tumblr inline nll4whhG2N1qgeurj by Kethaveltumblr inline nll4wvzi5Z1qgeurj by Kethavel

Pixel chibies by mumuchuu.

I do not take commissions.
Lazy. Creation depends on mood, which is awful often.
And I am afraid to disappoint person, if I draw picture bad.
Much low self-esteem. Much anxiety.

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